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Stephanie e1420471801420 About“I work from my home kitchen in Penn, Buckinghamshire. Baking has always been a great passion of mine and now I can bring my delicious cakes to Buckinghamshire and beyond!”

Stephanie Almeida first trained in pastry at Westminster Kingsway college in Central London. Training under some of the country’s best pastry chefs Stephanie excelled in all skills necessary to build a strong foundation in the world of culinary art.

From there she apprenticed with William Curley, Patissier Chocolatier for two years. William Curley is London’s best chocolatier. The demand for perfection is ever-present and the skills Stephanie developed under his guidance were invaluable.

During her time at William’s, Stephanie learned the art of patisserie; the many intricate layerings of flavour and texture combined with the beauty of the finished product is still the primary influence on her products today.  After working for William Curley, Stephanie decided she wanted to specialise in her preferred field; cakes.

Stephanie worked for Bea’s of Bloomsbury, one of London’s best cake shops, until she decided to start her own cake company.

Today Stephanie Almeida creates cakes that are modern, stylish, and well balanced; perfect to enhance any occasion.

Stephanie’s ethos is that by using the best raw ingredients you can create the best finished products, and that shows true in the tasting of her cakes.





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